What does an interior design project manager do?

An interior design project manager makes sure the project flows as smoothly as possible from brief to final delivery.

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A skilled project manager is usually an experienced designer familiar with all aspects of a design project, including:

Planning and organizing project schedules
Assisting with construction documents
Interacting with clients, contractors, and suppliers
Sourcing materials and products
Resolving conflicts
In other words, an interior design project manager has the technical expertise for making design-related decisions and the soft skills for communicating with project stakeholders.

Our team Includes:

A competent project manager with technical expertise and vision
An ironclad workflow
Cutting-edge software
Of course, experience

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Roles and responsibilities
Here are a few responsibilities interior design project managers handle day-to-day:

Draft proposals based on client requirements
Plan, budget, and execute projects (including final delivery)
Coordinate with stakeholders
Coordinate with contractors
Conceptualize design
Research products and maintain sample libraries
Procure materials and maintain documentation
Estimate projects
Communicate (and haggle) with suppliers
Manage schedules
Guide staff and enforce project deadlines
Conduct site visits
Keep up-to-date with codes and standards like the American Disabilities Act (ADA)